What else can Doty Performance do for YOU?


Extra Elements Offered for Growth

At Doty Performance, we offer additional services linked to training and performance, all in the pursuit of assisting in athletic and personal growth.  Below are a list of these services and how it may pertain to what you or your child needs. 


Team core/yoga/fitness

In conjunction with our Doty Performance Studio, we offer team core/yoga/fitness training for all teams of all sports.  This is a great way to challenge and expand the platform from which your players can grow.   



For athletes and coaches looking to become better leaders, we provide the tools to more efficiently support and guide your teammates and team through leadership.  Also visit our Mental Training Packages page to learn more.


Team Session

Please visit our P.R.E.P Teams Sessions page to learn more.


Camps & Clinics

Please visit our P.R.E.P. Camps & Clinics page to learn more.


Team Organization

For coaches seeking guidance and direction on how to organize and manage a team, we have exactly what you need.  With years of staff experience in coaching at all levels, Doty Performance can provide the tools to efficiently navigate you way through the coaching world.  This element is offered for 


Video Analyzing

Teaching how to analyze and breakdown video for both athletes and coaches is no doubt a learned skill.  We at Doty Performance provide athletes and coaches with the lens and education in order to effectively evaluate overall performance over video.  Additionally, our services extend to athletes seeking an evaluation over film, providing them with genuine feedback and a developmental path to implement for growth.   



Having a tenured college professor in the department of health and nutrition on the Doty Performance staff, we are giving athletes and individuals looking for nutritional advice an excellent opportunity to utilize a professional in the field.  Whether its weight related, strength related, energy related, or health related, we are here to help you out.  Each program and designed to attack and reach the goals desired by the client.  Nutritional packages be purchased as a stand-alone program or it can be combined with fitness packages to make for a complete training program.  


If you are interested in learning more or have any questions about additional services we provide, please contact Dominic Doty