General and Adult Health, Fitness, and Strength Training


Currently in society, young athletes and adults alike are all trying to find their edge.  How can improvement and growth happen with efficiency and results?  How are you going to reach your goals?  In addition to a change in widespread mindset, healthy and fit lifestyles are taking notice and becoming increasingly desired aspects of everyday life.  The connection to feeling strong and healthy, having greater confidence and energy, all while being challenged and supported is unmistakable.  




What We Have for You

At Doty Performance, we provide individual/group training for all-age individuals seeking development and improvement in health, strength, and fitness.  Guidance and assistance in the pursuit of individual goals in adult training, just like athletes seeking advancement, has proven to be extremely beneficial.  If you are looking to get stronger, be more fit, more agile, or just looking to feel healthier, we can help you get there by creating a program just for you! 


Coming soon... we will being offering fitness, strength and stretch classes that will be open to all ages and abilities.  Please visit our website in early August to find out what class may fit what you are looking for.


If you are interested in learning more or have any questions about our training services, please contact Dominic Doty