At Doty Performance we do what we do, first and foremost because we love it. We have spent our lives on the field, court or in the studio and truly believe that the lessons learned and guidance we received from our coaches shaped us into the individuals we are today.

We understand what athletes need and how to give it to them, because we have spent our lives immersed in it. We are taking the skill set we have developed over our lives and sharing the knowledge we have received in an effort to assist individuals in performing at their highest potential.

At Doty Performance we are who we are because we work extremely hard and genuinely want what is best for our team and those we work with. Nothing brings us more joy than getting to witness individuals accomplish their goals.The core of what we represent is built around helping others.

We work with all individuals, groups, teams,  athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts regardless of age, gender or ability. We are here to help everyone!

We promise you and your child will be taken care of with the utmost amount of respect and with the highest level of professionalism possible. We're in the people business! We take great pride in growing lasting relationships with our athletes and clients and believe we are all one team!

We offer a variety of services including classes, camps, private sessions, individual coaching and parties. At Doty performance, all of our programs are client based, meaning that whatever the desired goals is, we can help our clients meet it.