Bridging the Gap from High School to College


College Connection Program

Whether you are an individual athlete seeking advice about college athletics and the recruitment process or you are a part of a team/club that would like to learn more as a group in regards to the inner-workings of college athletics and competition, we have what you need.  By request, we offer all services for anyone interested.   

With a collection of former college coaches, individuals that were immersed in the world of athlete recruitment, Doty Performance provides athletes and teams with what they need to know about the college recruitment process.  From NCAA compliance (academic standards/communication rules) to best practices of approach (best way to attain desired outcome), we can provide athletes (and parents) seeking the next level with the facts they'll need to understand the process with direction and success.   


In the near future, Doty Performance will be offering camps through our P.R.E.P. program where we give players the opportunity to get exposure in front of college coaches while also getting educated (including parents) on the recruiting process and compliance standards of the college system.  In addition, these camps provide an elite knowledge platform technically and tactically, giving players a glimpse of what next-level expectations are all about.  

If you have any questions or are interested in one of our technical training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty.