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Mental Strength Training for Individuals and/or teams


Description of the category:

The most underutilized and overlooked tool when it comes to development in athletics today is mental training.  What we are able to do physically as human beings is no doubt unbelievable, but what we are capable of accomplishing mentally is drastically unmatched, which ultimately paves the road map for what our individual journey ahead is to be.   

Confidence, motivation, and adversity are all elements in which athletes severely struggle with because their tool kit simply isn't equipped or built up to process and take-on the challenge of mental expansion and dominance.  Furthermore, and probably even more important to grasp is the fact that what we can and cannot do mentally is self-controlled, purely dependent on the user of the mind.  

At Doty Performance, our goal is to provide a clearly defined training process and deeper structure to what foundational work is already in place, cultivating what is within reach of being accomplished.  Knowledge and experience based support will allow individuals and teams to expand what they are capable of mentally, which in turn will coincide to what their product is on the field, on the court, and in life.

Adam Saucedo, experienced and talented mental trainer, is the Director of Mental Training at Doty Performance.  Adam has worked with hundreds of athletes (youth and professional) across multiple sports and goal platforms, serving as an instrumental ingredient in the development and application of mental strength and performance techniques.   



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Individual and Team Mental Performance Training:

·  Mental training - providing individuals/teams with specifically catered programs in the area of mental performance improvement (covering all areas of mental development) 

·  Goal setting - setting attainable and progression-realistic goals that fit the individual/team development path

·  Leadership - education on effective leadership qualities and communication skills   

·  Energy/Stress Management - proper navigating and technique implantation skills to aid in the improvement of Energy and stress level control

·  Confidence Building - providing the proper building blocks and growth focused mindset to aid in developing genuine and healthy confidence

·  Concentration Management and Control - supplying the tools and platform to assist with concentration/focus based challenges

·  Visualization - implementing the usage of mental imagery to improve mentality and physical performance

·  Preparation - assisting in the management of moments and times leading up to competition 

·  Time Management - providing the practice and execution of superior time management skills

·  Communication Skill Set - teaching the learned skill set of absorbing and executing proper and effective communication

·  Conflict Management/Resolution - preparing athletes with the necessary toolkit to avoid, manage, and resolve conflict  


Adam Saucedo - Director of Mental Training

If you have any questions or are interested in one of our mental training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty