Dedicated to your Dance Education


INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION: We know that every student is unique and needs to be treated that way in the classroom. Our teachers recognize individual strengths and weaknesses and teach to the individual. We promise your child will never feel overlooked or lost in the back of the classroom.

TECHNIQUE: We place a strong emphasis on helping dancers to develop strong technique, which is why you will only see the most qualified instructors in our studio. Without a strong technical foundation dancers are more likely to become injured and will not progress at the same level as someone with a strong technical understanding.

EXPERIENCE: Rachel (studio owner) has over 20 years of training, 15 years of competitive dance and 10 years of professional performance experience coming into the studio. She has taught dance in studios and in the school system for 7 years and currently the Head Coach for the Sherwood Arrows Dance Team. As we grow we continue to hire only the most qualified teachers and instructors.

PASSION: Our studio is filled with passion and enthusiasm for all things dance. Our students are excited about class and are eager to show us the skills they have been practicing at home. We take pride in the fact that every minute of every class is used working on DANCE.

Are you ready to join our dance family? Your first class is on us!