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Sport Specific Skill-Set Training for Individual Players & Teams


Description of the category

All sports require a baseline aptitude of individual and team technical ability in order for athletes to have success in competition.  Technical ability specifically refers to the sport-specific skill set attached to the sport.  A player or teams range of technical comprehension is widespread and varies greatly depending on the level of ability (age and skill), level of competition, and the sport in which is being practiced.  Skill competency is only one component of an athletes makeup in regards to individual and a teams development, but its often the area in which the most time and energy is spent.

For example and for worldwide reference, Steph Curry (basketball) and Leonel Messi (soccer) are two individuals who have spent hours upon hours honing their technical ability.  Make no mistake that they have been blessed with special athleticism and sport-specific knowhow, coupled with a mental makeup that separates them from their competitors.  But, in evaluating them as players with an element of superiority, they are largely who they are because their practiced skill set separates them from all others.  

Now while idolizing these incredible figures is only natural and important in maturation process, a vital ingredient of a young athletes’ journey, the meat of athlete development must not be forgotten or mistaken.  The goal for young athletes today shouldn't be to be Steph Curry or Leonel Messi, but rather the development path should mimic the work ethic of these individuals while placing focused attention toward doing what it takes to find personal identity.

At Doty Performance, our goal is to provide technical sport-specific training (in soccer, basketball, and baseball) ranging from a novice to an elite level.  Whether someone is seeking an elevated overall performance level or looking for technical instruction in a particular area, we can provide a client-centered platform for growth and improvement around the needs and wants of the individual/team.  


Provided by DP in the Technical and Tactical Category


INDIVIDUAL and TEAM targeted sport specific technique training (soccer, basketball, & baseball)

o   Soccer - ball striking, overall ability on the ball, positional development (all), defending, Goalkeeping (all), tactical connection, and any desired soccer-related skill for an athlete/team

o   Basketball - shooting, passing, ball handling, rebounding, defending, positional development (all), tactical connection, andanything desired by the athlete/team 

o   Baseball/Softball - hitting, throwing, fielding, positional development (all), tactical connection, and anything desired by the athlete/team 


Individual and Team Technical Performance Training:

·  Growing your technical skill-set capacity and improving the quality in which you perform

·  Improving individual/team tactical concepts (understanding of the game) in relation to technical skill-set

·  Confidence with individual/team skill-set in relation to athlete ability and positional expectation (highlighting strengths and train areas of improvement)

For Coaches:

·  Providing a platform (program) and foundation (knowledge) for technical skill set development and growth (including all areas of technique and tactical awareness for soccerbasketball, & baseball)

·  Linking technical strengths and tactical awareness to a competitive team environment


If you have any questions or are interested in one of our technical training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty




Speed, Strength, Fitness, and Agility Training for Individuals & Teams


Description of the category

Just like technical skill and mental aptitude are practiced and learned elements in sports and in life, so to is a player and teams’ physical make up and ability.  Oftentimes physical attributes are attributed to what you are born with, and in reality, this is partially true.  Since day one, we as individuals were all set-up with a different physical growth path and evolution pattern.  We all can't jump and hang in the air like Michael Jordan, and very few people are blessed with the speed of Usane Bolt or the strength of Lebron James.  But the truth of the matter is that even those supremely gifted athletes had to put a great amount of time and work into developing the physical tools they possess, further highlighting the reality that no matter who you are there is always room for growth and improvement.  

What you are physically, just like what you are technically and mentally, should be forever growing and evolving.  Whether it be strength or speed or quickness, there is always an area in which players and teams can grow in regards to what they are capable of and the quality in which they perform.  In comparing physical maturation to the ability to grow technically, we all physically have a base we can build off of, which may not be the case in the technical arena.  And furthermore, in a paralleled approach with technical development, physical goals shouldn't be centered around being like someone else but rather should be focused toward creating the best version of ourselves we can possibly create.  

At Doty Performance, our goal is to establish a sport-specific physical platform in which each individual athlete or team can grow and thrive from, ultimately aiding in physical performance and development in their respective sport.  


Provided by DP in the Physical Category


        Individual and Team Physical Performance Training

·       Overall Strength Training - sport-specific strength programs catered to the individual and/or team (geared toward age/competition level of all sports)

·       SAQ (speed/agility/quickness) Training - sport-specific SAQ programs centered around the fast-twitch and power-based movement

·       Fitness Training - sport-specific fitness programs geared toward overall fitness capacity and duration performance

        For Coaches:

·       Providing a platform (program) and foundation (knowledge) for physical development and growth (including all sports and levels) 

·       Relating necessary physical elements (strength, speed, quickness, core stability, fitness, ect) to sport-specific movements


If you have any questions or are interested in one of our physical training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty




Evaluating Players Technical, Tactical, Physical, & Mental Ability


Performance Evaluation Program

Being able to get a clear evaluation and assessment of where you are (in your sport), receiving genuine and detailed feedback, is a vital part of the development process.  Without this aspect of healthy development, as an athlete it becomes more difficult to grow while having your skill-set and training being in line with your ability to compete and perform.   

What we provide at Doty Performance is a unique and educated system to evaluating athletes and teams.  In our mission to reach all clients on a very personal level, our evaluations take place at events or training sessions of the clients and can be as extensive and in depth as desired.  It can be an evaluation of one match/game/session/practice or it could be multiple events to get a wider and deeper dive into development and performance.  In conclusion, a review of the evaluation material and a suggested development program is provided for each client/team.

If you have any questions or are interested in one of our technical training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty




Bridging the Gap from High School to College


College Connection Program

Being a youth athlete or being someone helping a youth athlete trying to reach college-level sports, attempting to navigate the process with concrete advice and efficiency can be quite daunting and difficult.  As a result of an ever-changing college acceptance and recruitment process, athlete connection to college programs and knowledge of how those programs operate can be very complicated and a frustrating door to get through.   

Whether you are an individual athlete seeking advice about college athletics and the recruitment process or you are a part of ateam/club that would like to learn more as a group in regards to the inner-workings of college athletics and competition, we have what you need.  By request, we offer all services for anyone interested.   

With a collection of former college coaches, individuals that were immersed in the world of athlete recruitment, Doty Performance provides athletes and teams with what they need to know about the college recruitment process.  From NCAA compliance (academic standards/communication rules) to best practices of approach (best way to attain desired outcome), we can provide athletes (and parents) seeking the next level with the facts they'll need to understand the process with direction and success.   

In the near future, Doty Performance will be offering camps through our WE RISE program where we give players the opportunity to get exposure in front of college coaches while also getting educated (including parents) on the recruiting process and compliance standards of the college system.  In addition, these camps provide an elite knowledge platform technically and tactically, giving players a glimpse of what next-level expectations are all about.  Check out our Camps page to learn more.  

If you have any questions or are interested in one of our technical training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty.    


Extra Elements Offered for Growth

At Doty Performance, we offer additional services linked to training and performance, all in the pursuit of assisting in athletic and personal growth.  Below are a list of these services and how it may pertain to what you or your child needs. 


At Doty Performance, we help connect youth athletes with older players (acting as a mentor) in order to provide mutual growth and perspective for individuals involved.  These relationships and programs are created specifically to fit all players seeking mentorship.

Team core/yoga/fitness

In conjunction with our Doty Performance Studio, we offer team core/yoga/fitness training for all teams of all sports.  This is a great way to challenge and expand the platform from which your players can grow.   


Please visit our Mental Training Packages page to learn more.


Please visit our WE RISE Camps page to learn more.

Team Organization

For coaches seeking guidance and direction on how to organize and manage a team, we have exactly what you need.  With years of staff experience in coaching at all levels, Doty Performance can provide the tools to efficiently navigate you way through the coaching world.  This element is offered for 

Video Analyzing

Teaching how to analyze and breakdown video for both athletes and coaches is no doubt a learned skill.  We at Doty Performance provide athletes and coaches with the lens and education in order to effectively evaluate overall performance over video.  Additionally, our services extend to athletes seeking an evaluation over film, providing them with genuine feedback and a developmental path to implement for growth.   


Having a tenured college professor in the department of health and nutrition on the Doty Performance staff, we are giving athletes and individuals looking for nutritional advice an excellent opportunity to utilize a professional in the field.  Whether its weight related, strength related, energy related, or health related, we are here to help you out.  Each program and designed to attack and reach the goals desired by the client.  Nutritional packages be purchased as a stand-alone program or it can be combined with fitness packages to make for a complete training program.  


If you are interested in learning more or have any questions about additional services we provide, please contact Dominic Doty


Mental Performance Training

Mental Strength training for individuals and/or teams


Description of the category:

The most underutilized and overlooked tool when it comes to development in athletics today is mental training.  From childhood to adult years, whether you are an athlete or a factory worker or a doctor, on a daily basis we are all forming our own individual mental makeup.  This template is the foundation on which we decode, process, and formulate our own mental philosophy/perspective.  What we are able to do physically as human beings is no doubt unbelievable, but what we are capable of accomplishing mentally is drastically unmatched, which ultimately paves the road map for what our individual journey ahead is to be.   

Influential and successful people all over the planet, in a variety of professional fields, will all without hesitation endorse the idea that what you can accomplish between your own to ears is directly linked to the limit of what your physical/technical/tactical potential can be.  Very few people flourish and succeed physically without doing so mentally first.  Confidence, motivation, and adversity are all elements in which athletes severely struggle with because their tool kit simply isn't equipped or built up to process and take-on the challenge of mental expansion and dominance.  Furthermore, and probably even more important to grasp is the fact that what we can and cannot do mentally is self-controlled, purely dependent on the user of the mind.  

At Doty Performance, our goal is to provide a clearly defined training process and deeper structure to what foundational work is already in place, cultivating what is within reach of being accomplished.  Knowledge and experience based support will allow individuals and teams to expand what they are capable of mentally, which in turn will coincide to what their product is on the field, on the court, and in life.

Adam Saucedo, experienced and talented mental trainer, is the Director of Mental Training at Doty Performance.  Adam has worked with hundreds of athletes (youth and professional) across multiple sports and goal platforms, serving as an instrumental ingredient in the development and application of mental strength and performance techniques.   


Provided by DP in the Mental Category


Individual and Team Mental Performance Training:

·  Mental training - providing individuals/teams with specifically catered programs in the area of mental performance improvement (covering all areas of mental development) 

·  Goal setting - setting attainable and progression-realistic goals that fit the individual/team development path

·  Leadership - education on effective leadership qualities and communication skills   

·  Energy/Stress Management - proper navigating and technique implantation skills to aid in the improvement of Energy and stress level control

·  Confidence Building - providing the proper building blocks and growth focused mindset to aid in developing genuine and healthy confidence

·  Concentration Management and Control - supplying the tools and platform to assist with concentration/focus based challenges

·  Visualization - implementing the usage of mental imagery to improve mentality and physical performance

·  Preparation - assisting in the management of moments and times leading up to competition 

·  Time Management - providing the practice and execution of superior time management skills

·  Communication Skill Set - teaching the learned skill set of absorbing and executing proper and effective communication

·  Conflict Management/Resolution - preparing athletes with the necessary toolkit to avoid, manage, and resolve conflict  


Adam Saucedo - Director of Mental Training


If you have any questions or are interested in one of our mental training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty

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