Doty Performance is ran by a husband and wife who are both passionate about inspiring others. The two grew up in McMinnville, Oregon and both excelled in their chosen disciplines. Dominic is the son of a College basketball coach who went on to play and coach at the college level himself while Rachel grew up dedicated to dance and went on to dance professionally around the world.

For the first five years of their relationship, Dom coached soccer and basketball at Linfield College while Rachel continued to perform with companies such as Tokyo Disney and Royal Caribbean. She would attend his games between dance contracts and he would fly to visit her while she performed overseas.

In 2012 Dom accepted a coaching job with San Jose State University and the two relocated to the Bay Area, where Rachel performed with the Golden State Warriors dance team. For the first time, their worlds were colliding. The two would attend each others games and talk about how similar dance and sports training were. While coaching at San Jose State, Dom also coached in youth soccer clubs while Rachel taught dance at a private elementary and middle school. The couple spent hours talking about coaching ideas, styles and how to implement the best platform of training for each individual.

The idea for Doty Performance was created when the two realized what a strong passion they had for coaching. They realized that although their chosen disciplines were different, their upbringing and values instilled in them were the same. Through sports and dance the two gained confidence, learned discipline, respect, time management and physical fitness. Their past coaches teachings continue to impact their lives and they both feel honored and humbled to have the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience to others.

They could not be more excited to meet their future athletes and dancers and are so excited to see what the future of Doty Performance has in store.