At Doty Performance, we are focused and built toward fostering the continued evolution of athletes in the areas of technical trainingphysical training, and mental performance training.


The value of sport specific athletic training is at the forefront of personal and team development.  The element of complete training is rapidly becoming an essential tool for athletes to grow and compete in all sports.  Ultimately, it has proven itself to be an extremely beneficial and incredible asset for individual and team success. 

Aiding in the enhancement of coaching education and performance, we also provide categorical growth for all levels of coaching by creating programs catered to the goals of our clients.  If you are a coach looking to elevate your level, we can help you!

During the launch phase of Doty Performance sports and fitness training, we will begin by offering technical performance training in the sports of soccer and basketball.  Otherwise, ALL athletes, ALL coaches, and ALL individuals seeking progression can take part in the physical and mental training programs provided by Doty Performance.

Other highlighted Doty Performance sports services include our College Connection Program Player Evaluations.  Also visit our P.R.E.P. page and to learn about what we represent and what we can offer you!

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If you have any questions or are interested in one of our training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty.