Camps & Clinics

For Basketball and soccer, Doty Performance P.R.E.P. offers camps for teams and clubs as a whole.  These camps can range from technical skill building all the way to mental development and tactical training.  These camps are specifically catered to what the team/club is looking for in regards to development for their kids and athletes.  This is a great way for players and programs on a large scale to get exposure as a cohesive unit, injecting the same information and quality training directions and overall development.  

* Camps and Clinics are offered upon request


Team & Club Boot Camps

Boot Camp Time!!  For teams or clubs looking to get players ready for the season or are even looking for a change of pace, our P.R.E.P. Team Boot Camps are what you are looking for!  Boot Camps provide players (and coaches) the opportunity to be challenged together, work together, and to ultimately bond together, influencing and allowing programs to progress as a unit.  These camps are designed and created to cater to specific programs and can accommodate large groups of players (basketball and soccer).  

* Camps and Clinics are offered upon request


* If an element of performance training is not included in the camp you are interested (i.e. Mental Training), please ask for additional categorical training to be included as we can add any and all elements offered through Doty Performance.


Coming Soon

ID Camps

These camps serve as healthy exposure for High School athletes in front of College program recruiters.  In addition, education sessions regarding standards and compliance coupled with a coaches panel Q&A will be provided.  More information soon to come. 


Summer, Winter, and Seasonal Camps

These residential and day camps (for basketball and soccer) will be offered throughout the year in different locations, encompassing all Doty Performance has to offer.  From Technical training, to mental training, to nutrition, to educational sessions, these camps will have it all.  More information soon to come. 


 If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please contact Dominic Doty