Speed, Strength, Fitness, and Agility Training for Individuals & Teams


Description of the category

Just like technical skill and mental aptitude are practiced and learned elements in sports and in life, so to is a player and teams’ physical make up and ability.  Oftentimes physical attributes are attributed to what you are born with, and in reality, this ispartially true.  But what you are physically, just like what you are technically and mentally, should be forever growing and evolving. 

Whether it be strength, speed or quickness, there is always an area in which players and teams can grow in regards to what they are capable of doing and the quality in which they perform.  In a paralleled approach with technical development, physical goals shouldn't be centered around being like someone else but rather should be focused toward creating the best version of ourselves we can possibly create.  

At Doty Performance, our goal is to establish a sport-specific physical platform in which each individual athlete or team can grow and thrive from, ultimately aiding in physical development and performance in their respective sport.  




Provided by DP in the Physical Category


        Individual and Team Physical Performance Training

·  Overall Strength Training - sport-specific strength programs catered to the individual and/or team (geared toward age/competition level of all sports)

·  SAQ (speed/agility/quickness) Training - sport-specific SAQ programs centered around the fast-twitch and power-based movement

·  Fitness Training - sport-specific fitness programs geared toward overall fitness capacity and duration performance

        For Coaches:

·  Providing a platform (program) and foundation (knowledge) for physical development and growth (including all sports and levels) 

·  Relating necessary physical elements (strength, speed, quickness, core stability, fitness, ect) to sport-specific movements


If you have any questions or are interested in one of our physical training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty