Evaluating Players Technical, Tactical, Physical, & Mental Ability


Performance Evaluation Program

Being able to get a clear evaluation and assessment of where you are (in your sport), receiving genuine and detailed feedback, is a vital part of the development process.  Without this aspect of healthy development, as an athlete it becomes more difficult to grow while having your skill-set and training being in line with your ability to compete and perform.   


What we provide at Doty Performance is a unique and educated system to evaluating athletes and teams.  In our mission to reach all clients on a very personal level, our evaluations take place at events or training sessions of the clients and can be as extensive and in depth as desired.  It can be an evaluation of one match/game/session/practice or it could be multiple events to get a wider and deeper dive into development and performance.  In conclusion, a review of the evaluation material and a suggested development program is provided for each client/team.

If you have any questions or are interested in one of our technical training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty