Sport Specific Skill-Set Training for Individual Players & Teams


Description of the category

All sports require a baseline aptitude of individual and team technical ability in order for athletes to have success in competition.  Technical ability specifically refers to the sport-specific skill set attached to the sport.  A player or teams range of technical comprehension is widespread and varies greatly depending on the level of ability (age and skill), level of competition, and the sport in which is being practiced.  Skill competency is only one component of an athletes makeup in regards to individual and a teams development, but its often the area in which the most time and energy is spent.

At Doty Performance, our goal is to provide technical sport-specific training (in soccer, basketball, and baseball) ranging from a novice to an elite level.  Whether someone is seeking an elevated overall performance level or looking for technical instruction in a particular area, we can provide a client-centered platform for growth and improvement around the needs and wants of the individual/team.  




Provided by DP in the Technical and Tactical Category

INDIVIDUAL and TEAM targeted sport specific technique training (soccer, basketball, & baseball)

o   Soccer - ball striking, overall ability on the ball, positional development (all), defending, Goalkeeping (all), tactical connection, and any desired soccer-related skill for an athlete/team

o   Basketball - shooting, passing, ball handling, rebounding, defending, positional development (all), tactical connection, and anything desired by the athlete/team 

o   Baseball/Softball - hitting, throwing, fielding, positional development (all), tactical connection, and anything desired by the athlete/team 


Individual and Team Technical Performance Training:

·  Growing your technical skill-set capacity and improving the quality in which you perform

·  Improving individual/team tactical concepts (understanding of the game) in relation to technical skill-set

·  Confidence with individual/team skill-set in relation to athlete ability and positional expectation (highlighting strengths and train areas of improvement)

For Coaches:

·  Providing a platform (program) and foundation (knowledge) for technical skill set development and growth (including all areas of technique and tactical awareness for soccerbasketball, & baseball)

·  Linking technical strengths and tactical awareness to a competitive team environment


If you have any questions or are interested in one of our technical training programs for you or your child, please contact Dominic Doty