P.R.E.P. Team Sessions

Elite Player & Team Developmental Events


P.R.E.P. Teams Sessions Breakdown

Doty Performance is NOW OFFERING P.R.E.P. Team Session (upon request), 2-3 day Team Sessions with the purpose of providing athletes and teams a setting where they get elite exposure in all developmental training categories Doty Performance has to offer.  As a player at these events, you receive quality training and guidance in multiple areas.  As a coach (and/or for assistant coaches), you are exposed to a high level perspective and approach to coaching.  And as a team or program, program development and leadership training is at the forefront.  



Here is a breakdown of what we do for you:

Positional and Skill Development

Team Concept Building

Elevated Sport IQ Training

Classroom Growth Sessions

Speed, Agility, and Strength Training

Sport Specific Tactical Improvement

Evaluations and Follow Up

Platform for Program and Staff Progression


Pricing for P.R.E.P. Sessions:

2 Day P.R.E.P. Team Sessions - $50 per athlete

3 Day P.R.E.P Team Sessions - $80 per athlete


In Addition P.R.E.P. Team Session, we also offer a variety of sessions for TEAMS that can either be built as a one day session or multiple day sessions.  


Team Growth Sessions

 On the court or field technique and skill building, tactical awareness, strength and fitness progression and mental training.  Currently, these sessions are offered to soccer and basketball teams only.


Positional Sessions

Positional sessions are a way to focus and improve on a particular skill or technique that applies to the position or role in your particular sport.  We provide elite instruction as well apply professional-grade knowledge to each individual.  Currently, these camps are offered to soccer and basketball teams only. 


Fitness Sessions - Condition, Strength & SAQ 

The goal of our Fitness camps are to provide the building blocks and knowledge to athletes in regards to how they can grow and improve physically.  Providing camps for both general fitness or sport specific athletes, we challenge and provide an advancement platform for all athletes that attend.  


Classroom Sessions

Classroom learning is an essential (and oftentimes missed) when it comes to individual or team development.  We cover a variety of areas including leadership, developing a superior mentality, Program concept building, nutrition, the next level, compliance education (for HS students) and much more.   These sessions are available to any team at any age... this type of growth is vital in order for our players to be on a platform where they can excel.


If you are interested in learning more about or have any questions about WE RISE camps and clinics, please contact Dominic Doty